Nortel Meridian Products

Meridian 1 / Communications Server 1000

Meridian 1 delivers the proven performance, scalability and flexibility you need to support and expand your communications system or network with the success of your business. You can count on Meridian 1 to provide advanced voice features, data connectivity, VOIP functionality and sophisticated information services for all communications environments.

Or you can build on your existing investment and take advantage of the latest Communications Server 1000 enhancements as your business grows. The layered, IP-distributed client server architecture of Communications Server 1000 provides inherent flexibility at a lower cost than most comparable competitor’s offerings.

You can count on Communications Server 1000 to provide a broad portfolio of business critical applications including unified messaging, web-based contact center and SIP-based multimedia services for applications ranging from 20 to 22,000 users.

Whether you choose reconditioned Meridian 1 or Communications Server 1000 product lines, you can be assured of getting the proven digital switching performance software-stored program control that have made Nortel Meridian an industry leader worldwide.

NORSTAR, another Nortel Networks product once known as the world’s leading
communications system for small to medium sized businesses, offers a growing business an unparalleled product portfolio with value added applications and productivity boosting features that are simple to use.

With the ability to support powerful business solutions for small business, such as Internet IP Gateway, ISDN, Desktop Messaging and IVR, Norstar provides a seamless growth capability to meet the demands of a growing business.

Initial investment dollars are protected because existing hardware and peripherals can be used with new upgrade packages. With modular packages available to support from 4 to 272 users, Norstar is still considered the industry leader in reliability and manufacturing quality.

BCM, or Business Communications Manager is a system that integrates POX functions, VOIP Gateway and quality of service data routing functionality in a single unit. A platform that delivers IP telephony and a full compliment of applications, such as Internet access, voice messaging and call center capabilities as well as web-based system management.

Designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses, BCM offers customers Nortel Networks renowned reliability and market leading technology. And, with its modular design, can grow as your needs grow, to as many as 80 stations.

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